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    We confirmed today via our rep at FindWhat that they feed their ads thru to WhenU as remnant inventory. We've been escalating concerns after hearing reports and a forwarded screenshot of a PopUnder experienced by a user for one of our keyword ads. We had never seen the ad, never approved it, it had creative attached, etc., ----> all from our FindWhat campaign.

    Has anyone else experienced this as well? We've also had reports that Kanoodle may do the same thing --- it certainly looks like the 2nd tier PPC players are shacking up with the likes of WhenU, Claria, and the likes.

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    January 18th, 2005
    A couple of weeks ago FindWhat drained my account of enough funds for a week in one day.

    I contacted them and was told "everything looks normal". BS

    I haven't added any more $$$ to my account and I never will.

    I've moved my advertising $$$ to Google Adwords.

    FU FW

    I can't complain but sometimes I still do...

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    I dropped Findwhat at least a year ago, back when I confirmed they were associating with Whenu. This is not new, they've been associating with them for some time. Overture, I believe, associated with Claria's ( used to be Gator ) search scout as well, if you use Overture.
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    FindWhat must have a goal to dupe the 130,000 small merchants using into paying for PPCSE keyword placement and draining those accounts with multiple BHO partnerships like WhenU. I warned all my clients I refused to coordinate PPCSE campaigns with FindWhat -Knoodle and Looksmart over a year ago. The 2 that didn't listen got raped royal on junk and phoney click traffic. Their site conversion ratios went from averaging 1/100 to well over 1/500 which they never bothered to compute as they were pleased to see the hit counter go up...
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