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    I know this is an old debate.. I've seen it here before.. but was wondering if anyone would like to weigh in on it again.

    Should an affiliate post the price and have a higher quality click through (a shopper who is still interested enough after seeing the price) or should you not post the price and boost the number of cookies you set - and lower your EPC I would presume.

    I have just started witholding the prices - on about 60 pages I replaced today I didn't include them. Up to now I have always included them.


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    I post prices if I have done the sales pitch - but if I am sending customer to an upsell page I might not post the price - thinking additional sales pitch might overcome any price resistance.


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    I don't post the price, because I know the price will probably have changed by the time most of my visitors click through. I don't like to make any more changes to my pages than absolutely necessary.

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