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    January 17th, 2005
    Around mid march I got hit hard by the google shifts, although my traffic is nothing compared to others I was happy with 150 uniques a day and growing steadily since late November.

    Mid march comes along and I drop.. 80 uniques, 60, 40, 25, to mostly just spiders. So I update the site information(tech site of sorts with no affiliate links just adsense) and let it sit hoping for a rebound while I work on other sites.

    Late may things start to pick up again, 100 uniques a day and growing.. almost back to pre-march traffic levels then it tapered off suddenly to around 100 for a few weeks until today.

    3 (THREE) uniques today on that site.. I think they were just spiders also.

    I can't seem to get traffic on my other two sites either, is there a list of banned IP ranges anywhere or blacklisted IP's. I need to find out if my sites are hosted on the same server as someone who got the IP blacklisted or whatever.

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    Hang in there man. I have a friend in a very similar situation as you and am always motivating her to continue. If you enjoy making web pages and really love the community, stick with it. Just focus your attention on gaining link exchanges and directory submissions. Do whatever it takes to get those incoming links. If you keep focusing on this and gaining the respect of other webmasters, you will succeed. Don't give up, just keep getting those links!

    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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    I may have jumped the gun

    I check adsense once at midnight daily.. and the update today was VERY slow and showed I had almost no impressions. I quickly went over to cPanel and checked awstats and while still in my "in shock" mode I immediately checked the latest number which showed 3.

    I checked again an hour later.. adsense all of a sudden registered the normal amount of impressions so I check my stats and again quite low and then remembered the server time was 1 hour ahead of my own and I was checking TODAY's stats.. at least the first half hour of today.

    So it turns out things are normal (regular low traffic compared to before march and not the huge 100% traffic drop off I had thought).

    However, my other site I've been struggling to get traffic to for 6 months now or so.. still a no go. (I was so proud of it too *sniff*)

    Crossing my fingers still, it was a big downer at the time though hehe. Quite embarrassing as I usually check and double check before hitting the boards with a rant/complaint/question.

    Has been a bumpy ride though, I started this whole thing back in October and have made only a few hundred dollars this whole time. Enough to pay my hosting and other fees(experimented with adwords).

    Hoping for a better 2nd half this year.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I feel your frustration Canadian eh. The search engines “shifts” have hit me hard as well.

    I used to get a lot of "free" traffic but these days it all seems to be PPC.

    The good news is that the engines will shift again and who knows, the traffic might be 10 fold of where it was.

    In the mean time, I'll keep building and optimizing pages. I'd give up if it weren’t so much fun

    Hang in there...

    I can't complain but sometimes I still do...

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    I've been maintaining traffic levels, I just can't seem to grow despite the amount of work I put in.

    While I've been gaining ground picking up new traffic, I've been losing it from my core.

    For example, Term 1 will have 200 hits one month, then 185 the next and 160 after that, while terms 2 and 3 deliver 10, 20, and 35 in those three months combined.
    Dr. Strangeweb, or how I learned how to stop worrying about SERPS and love the WOM.

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