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    Our Google AdWords traffic is down about 1/3 from about 6 months ago, even though all factors seem the same (price per click, page position, etc.). I do notice fewer impressions for the same keywords and am wondering if this is because Yahoo is not showing Google Adwords now? Does anyone know where to find a graph of what engines are feeding what other engines?

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    I could be wrong, but I do not think Yahoo EVER showed google adwords ads. They show ads from Overture. Since Yahoo now owns overture, it is pretty simple to set up a campaign.

    Do you sell seasonal items? Perhaps people do not want the things in the summer?

    If impressions are down a lot, it could just mean you need to increase your bids. It might be that there are more advertisers in your niche right now.

    You should sign up with overture (yahoo) so you can get traffic from yahoo and, I believe, MSN.

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    Double Whammy: yahoo does not show google adwords and also google traffic is down since yahoo went with the new search engine.

    There are other ppc's besides overture as well.
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    Thanks. And I think you are right; Yahoo didn't show Adwords, just Google free pages. What engine is feeding Yahoo? Is it MSN? I know about SiteMatch, but it is too pricey.

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    Yahoo feeds Yahoo....Yahoo used to use Inktomi but that was swallowed up and now Yahoo are a stand alone search engine as far as I know.

    MSN are developing their own search engine very soon too.

    I use Overture for the UK market, it reaches 85% of all UK internet users, not sure what the USA figure is.

    As was mentioned above, Overture does at this moment in time feed MSN, AOL and a few others.


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    Overture PPC feeds Yahoo and MSN
    Google Adwords feeds AOL

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