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    Here is an excerpt form Search Engine News

    " . . .might be a problem with your links page. It seems that you have done some crosslinking with sites that are SEO related – a topic that is unrelated to the overall theme . . . Take note that Yahoo is getting very picky about that. We'd suggest, first, removing the links that don't have anything to do with [theme of your site]"

    Wow! Is this really happening?
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    So much for general topic sites.
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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    How broad does this go? How many links does it take? How do we know what themes they like or don't like? How far deep do these themes go? I mean, your site could be only a few other sites away from something totally different? Or does it just pertain to your outgoing links?

    Brings up too many questions for me.
    I forgot what I was doing.

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    Can you post the URL to the SearchEngineNews article, CheeseHead ? Or give a bigger excerpt maybe. I ask because while it's never a particularly good idea to crosslink with an SEO site, the idea that Yahoo uses theme-ing just doesn't stand up to close scrutiny.

    Search engines rank pages not sites and, in the case of Yahoo, they also have PFI and trusted feed programs which make theme-ing all but impossible.

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