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    I have two sites with similar names but the content on both pages is identical, they are and note the addition of the "S" at end of second site.

    My question is why does the google spider visit both pages every day, check the index page and go away only to come back about 45 minutes later to check the page and then not return until about 24 hours later?
    This has been going on for about a month and still the sites don't show up in the google index.

    Is this problem related to both sites being the same and on the same server or is it a problem with the page design that is causing the spider to get stuck in a loop and time out?

    If anyone here can check the page for design problems or has any other ideas as to what is going on please post your suggestions here.

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    I'd guess it's the duplicate content. It's probably better to just use one domain, and put a domain redirect on the other one.

    Sorry I can't get technical as to the "how-to"--in my interface, all I have to do is click "domain redirect" and specify the target domain, and it's all set. I do know that it's server-side (as opposed to meta-refresh or any other thing that actually works through the browser), but that's about it.

    I did this with a domain of mine that I expect misspellings of, and I've had no problems getting the "real" site spidered. As for the variant spelling, it doesn't appear in Google (or any other engine that I know of).
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    It's a bad deal to have two identical sites - do a redirect or do a wholesale change of one of the sites.
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