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    I know they want people to put Adsense on their sites but i see them really pushing it now probably due to the upcoming IPO. Just got something in the mail from them about "Tweak your way to profitability", nothing new just basic stuff, also a url

    Also i know they're actively searching for sites and emailing them to get them in. Got an email inquiring about my shopping site which has no Adsense on it and a straight up affiliate site, so I called them up. In the short conversation, "Put it up, give it a try" more than a few times. I think they've elevated their pushing of Adsense which i think is a good thing. Lots of times i see threads about Google targetting affiliate sites but i think Google loves them because they know a lot of affiliates use Adsense and can get top positions and they want their Adsense there too.

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    Google has really been after me to add their ads to one of my sites, calling, E-Mailing, etc., so I agree with Trust, they're really looking to cover the Web with AdSense.


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    It's a double-edged sword.

    We put it on a number of our affiliate sites and the income dropped quicker than a rock in water. I almost burned off the tips of my typing fingers taking it off.

    We originally put Adsense on a number of content sites that were getting decent traffic and that's about all. Now that income is fairly impressive.

    There may be a big push on to use it, but I think you have to be really careful in how it is actually used.


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