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    I thought PR was a good thing.

    I worked on a friends site. I just a CMS for adding content and did a little SEO. In exchange for the work he let me put a single link in his footer. This site is a PR5. It gets about 5 visits a day and has maybe 2 backlinks to it. Either way, I thought a PR5 would be good. Since the site I linked to is brand new I expected it to get spidered quickly and included in a short time. A month and a half later, it has 1 page included (the index) and has seen no bump in PR (still a zero) and no increase in traffic.

    I don't expect any traffic from the link but I thought a link from a PR5 site would do something... Anything.

    Any thoughts. Is there a difference in PR when a site is popular as opposed to a site that gets almost no traffic. Does the PR transfer differently?

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    Unless there is some sort of penalty, you could expect a PR4 from a PR5 page with a couple of outbound links. (There is allegedly rare a "site has PageRank but cannot pass it" penalty)

    PageRank in no way reflects traffic. I have a PR5 site that generates five times the traffic of my two PR6 sites combined. However, higher traffic sites do appear to be crawled more often by Google - this is probably done by search engine results and statistics from the Google toolbar.

    Indeed, the Google toolbar definitely seems to have a direct impact on getting listed. For example, we have a web server that is only accessible on our corporate intranet and cannot be accessed from the outside world at all, but Google knows about it despite there being no links from the outside world.

    I guess that installing the Google toolbar can help a little, else be patient when it comes to low-traffic sites. It might take weeks for Google to follow links from them and properly assign PageRank.
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    there has not been a PR update for over 2 months, which is probably, why your site still has PR0. It should get PR soon, but you have to wait for the next update. When that will be? Only google knows that, but I'm waiting anxiously for it as well.

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    Yup, I wouldnt' worry about it too much - I'm also waiting for my new site to get some PR and it has many inbound links. Seems like Google JUST updated links ( now shows backlinks, it didn't few hours ago), PR should be updated soon I guess.

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