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    Go to a site, use the Alexa toolbar to see it's details and there's a link there to submit a Review of the site to Amazon.

    Anyone have their friends drop a review into Amazon, via Alexa, concerning their aff sites?

    Worthwhile? Guess it's like spamming a blog... but I mean just one review by a friend who has actually used your aff site...

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    why bother... iit doesn't mean anything...

    for the very reason you sited... alexa is full of this type of spam...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    The review shows up in Amazon, not Alexa (Alexa's just an easy path to the Amazon's review section for any site).

    And while I agree that they Amazon reviews are not golden inbound links, seems to me it'd be a 5 minute time investment for an inbound link from Amazon. And since few others would likely submit a review behind it (unlike blogs), the review would stay on top / remain visible for indexing.

    Not a great tip or idea, but I wondered if...

    I consult with B2B companies as well - a competing consultant I know always has the company submit 3-4 reviews in Amazon as I've mentioned here. Most of the companies we serve sell software that's listed within Amazon though, and I see the sense in it.

    I don't like the deception of a self-crafted review - so I don't recommend it. BUT if a friend (or visitor to my sites) genuinely found my site helpful, I was considering asking them to take a few minutes to submit a review for it.

    Anyone else think this is a worthwhile investment / technique for the short time it takes to complete? I'm thinking 1-2 reviews wouldn't hurt anything...

    Your thoughts?

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    Go to the public library and use their computers and review your own site. Nothing like a nom de plume and a literary license.
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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