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    Hey All,

    If you haven't heard about using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) as a viable SEO tool here's some useful information for you.

    In its most basic definition RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news. Any Webmaster can create their own RSS newsfeed and have their Web sites content syndicated around the globe.

    You may be saying, "OK great, so what can RSS do for me because I don't have the time or want to start my own newsfeed?" That's not a problem!

    It's often difficult and time consuming to continually come up with fresh new content for your Web site. Adding a relevant, constantly updated RSS newsfeed on your site will prompt search engines to crawl your site more often. Once you set the rss feed up you really don't have to do anything more. You can find RSS feeds to fit just about any type of Web site. Go visit (my fav) or to find some to fit your site content. When you find a good feed to use copy the feed url somewhere for use below.

    "Ok Stephen I found a feed to use but how do I get it to display on MY Web site?" Simple. You can add RSS feeds to display on your Web site with a small RSS caching parser called Carp- . Visit the Web site, read up on the application and then download Carp. Best of all it's FREE. Be sure to read the instructions and then upload carp to your Web server. The instructions are very clear and descriptive so any novice Webmaster can set it up on their web server.

    If you would like a little more control over your RSS feeds I recommend purchasing RSS Equalizer - It's $97.00 and you can pay another $20.00 to have it installed. I actually just purchased a copy of the software and will be replacing Carp with it because I want a little more control. Visit the Web site to learn more about RSS Equalizer. Incidentally, RSS Equalizer offers an affiliate program through Clickbank that pays 50% so you may want to join that.

    Everyone can always use more traffic on their sites and as an affiliate marketer you definately need to keep the traffic up to remain in the black. This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways I know to increase your traffic and popularity. As you become more familiar with RSS you may want to add your own feed to your site. I'll be kicking one off in the near future.

    P.S. If you're using javascript on your Web site to display news it's not doing anything for you except take up valuable page space. Search engines do not see JavaScript, so JavaScript feeds are completely useless for SEO. Remember, text has to be embedded into your page in order to be seen.

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    Hi Stephen, good to see you over here. Great write up and info. I've been meaning to get into RSS but just didn't have time to figure it out. Your info is the easiest to understand of any I have read.

    Thanks again!

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    Yea, RSS is another thing on my to learn soon list. Another Bookmark

    Thanks for the post.

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    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks! I've been meaning to look into this further for a while now. Just downloaded and installed the free version of Carp, very easy to install and use, I'm now going to go have a look at the paid versions with more features. Thanks again, I needed a bit of a reminder to get something happening with this.
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    Hey Stephen,

    you said RSS Equalizer gives you more control over the RSS feeds - hmm, I actually replaced RSS E. with CaRP because CaRP gives me much more control over the feeds Im using, the display options and in addition to the RSS newsfeeds I can use it with the Amazon product feeds, too.


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    If you can fiddle a wee bit with PHP, Magpie RSS is very handy:

    I wrote a little glue between it and my content manager software and it's very easy to incorporate a cached rss feed from just about anywhere.
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