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    I am not sure if this is really the most appropriate spot for this question, but I always seem to get good answers here so here goes.

    Does anybody know if the search bots have a problem with non-standard file extensions? the output is flat html like asp or php would deliver, but the extension is in .taf which is a lesser known language (Witango).

    I have a client who is going through a redesign and wants to stay with their native programming language but I was suggesting a switch to asp for search functionality.

    I welcome any input.
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    I dont have a definite answer... but i would think if IE can readit and create a page with it... then the bot's should have no problem either...

    I think this is a lot like the doctor who is sick so, he goes to the doctor... and is told he has cancer.. but not wanting to beieve what he was told treats himself for a cold....

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    If you search for .taf on Google and look through the listings, you will see a few .taf webpages listed, so Google can at least index them. On the other hand, a Yahoo search for .taf has no .taf pages showing in the first 7-8 pages of SERPs. I didn't go further.

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    You can use mod_rewrite (or IIS rewrite for M$ server) to change .taf to .html

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