There is a lot of chatter in some webdesign/webmaster cicles that accessibility may well be the next big buzz.

The general opinion of these folks is that accessibility will be one of the areas that one or more of the major engines (read..Google) is going to add to their algo.

"They" say that when (not if) the change is made that the engines will rank the webpage that is most accessible higher than the one that is not.

"They" say that the rise in numbers of non-GUI web enabled equipment is the driving force behind this. The W3C guidelines for accessibility are pretty clear...if it won't show up on a cell phone, then it is not accessible.

So you say. What's it to me?

I say. Maybe nothing at all.

However, *if* (big if here) something like this would creep into the Google algo, there would be hell to pay.

Consider most profitable keyword(s) consistently rank in the top three for all of the major engines. If there were to be an algo change requiring accessibility, then it is feasible that my site would drop down by several pages.

1. As far as I know this is rumor.
2. I have only a vague idea of what an algo does or does not do.
3. Sounds very arbitrary to me.
4. Any new sites I build will be accessibile just in case.


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