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    January 17th, 2005
    Just thought I'd pass these free tools along:

    I have used them all to try and optimize my new web pages:
    (keyphrase gift for him)
    (keyphrase gift for man)

    If I run GoRank analysis, the results in Yahoo make no sense. You would think I'd be up there even if I'm spamming or have 30 affiliate links.

    Yahoo had me at #26 then I updated my keywords and I'm out of the top 1000 til next slurp.

    Would anyone care to take a look at my two sites and let me know if I'm spamming or something. My Gift for Him site even has 500-1000 backlinks with only 50 recipricals. Some links even PR4.

    I also did an analysis on my own and compared web page age using Whois looking. Looks like not many sites rank high with under a year history.

    Comments, suggestions, anyone?


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    January 17th, 2005
    BTW, I had two sales out of about 50 clicks while my site was at #26. My first sale! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Overture says ~70,000 search monthly on my terms.

    The reason for the two sites is that when I run the Overture Keyword suggestion tool, results are not consistent. Sometimes it says 70,000 search on "gift for Him", then other times it's "gift for Man."

    Just playing around.....

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    Your in for some stiff PPCSE and SERP competition on anything doing with "gifts etc etc as all the big players hawk those terms. One of my niche' merchnat clients sell the highest # of men's suspenders during Fathers Day time frame. Christmas is also a big time, but suspenders for Graduations and birthdays sell all year long.

    Build out some interior specific niche' product pages for men (Like Holdup Suspenders ) and get natural SERP listings if you mix product and some spin content.
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    January 17th, 2005
    Those are some nice sites! Thanks for the info. I like you websites too, perhaps a little more unique content on the pages might help with rankings..just a thought.

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