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    I've heard some people recommend putting up your different sites on different web hosts so that you can link between them without the search engines (read: Google) knowing that the different sites are owned by the same person. I've also read about the the triangulation trick (e.g. 1 owner, 3 sites, 3 different web hosts: Site A links to Site B; Site B links to Site C; Site C links too Site A -- though I've heard this last completing link is becoming dangerous too now). My question is this: If you were to use Google Adsense on all three sites, wouldn't Google be able to identify you by your Google Adsense account and know that all the sites were owned by the same person?

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    If someone was to pay me a million dollars I wouldn't link one of my sites to the other. Its not worth it in the long run you will get caught so why bother in the first place.
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    I link all of my sites in one oway or another. My hub site has links to all my other sites

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    why not link to your own sites?

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    Of course link them all... Some think only targeted links are better... but what ever..

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