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    January 17th, 2005
    Long time lurker here with a question regarding Yahoo search engine. I am not too "techy oriented" (but am learning) so I hope that I can clearly explain the problem I am having.

    In the last few days, all but the index page of my site was removed from the yahoo index. I had lots of pages indexed with many at a 1st page ranking. My site does contain affiliate links but also has lots of content that I have written over the last year. When typing in my site's name (which is also in the url) I found that a directory had linked to my web site using a cgi jump script and that now that directory's link is showing in the Yahoo cache like that is the originator of the web site!

    (i.e. cache of my index page shows "

    I have come to the conclusion that my site has been given a Yahoo penalty for duplicate content. Has anyone else had this happen and/or does anyone know what can be done about this? I have contacted the directory and asked to have them remove the link to my web page but they have not responded to me. In checking my access logs, the Yahoo spider is continuing to crawl my entire site. I have read on other forums about Yahoo's problem with 301 redirects but have not found much information regarding a problem with cgi jump script.

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    Hi dmt,

    Tricky question and I don't know the definitive answer as I'm not much of a Yahoo! expert, but it certainly sounds possible. What you describe *can* happen in Google, where the SE crawler misidentifies the site and flags one up as a duplicate.

    If you do a search for a unique text string on your site what comes up first.. your site or theirs?
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    I'm just now learning about this problem myself. Found this link in another thread somewhere.
    My wife and I both have sites showing up in directories with redirect-links. With the little traffic we get, I wouldn't have though it was worth stealing.

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    Thanks Dynamoo for the reply. I sent you a PM.

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