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    January 18th, 2005
    Is anyone noticing an increase in AdWords clicks or AdSense clicks since this happened? Any changes in impressions since this happened?

    Since many webmasters are reporting reduced traffic to their sites from Google over the past 3 weeks or so, I'm just curious if people are clicking other link types instead of the SERPs, or if Google traffic overall is just down because of the lousy SERPs.

    This seems to be a rather widespread phenomenon, and I have to wonder if Google itself isn't feeling the hurt of reduced traffic because of it.


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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi Andy,

    I haven't noticed any difference with adsense activities.

    I have two sites. The first was a pure content site for 5 years that I used to market my consulting firm. It has placement in DMOZ and the google directory. (If anyone ever looks at that site and deletes it, I'm screwed). Google continues to visit and rank keywords wonderfully.

    The second site is only 2 years old and was born as an affiliate site. Almost all Google traffic to it has stopped. Although I have seen a slight increase in the last 2 days. But MSN and Yahoo have saved the day. Links from the first site to the second site seems to guarantee that google visits both almost daily. But does not give high rankings to the second (it used to!!!)

    Someone said here or on webmasterworld that they thought the problem with affiliate sites is that they are not attached to the core of the web. I'm not sure how to define this, but I tend to agree that this is the issue. I thnk my first site is attached to the core, but the second isn't.

    I only know that I've survived other google updates and I'll survive this one.


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    My adsense has remained about the same. Probably because my page hits hasn't increased at all..

    My Adwords click however have seen a pretty sharp increase..

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