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    I regularly search the expired domains lists for domain names that fit. I seem to have a problem with one.

    I found a really nice name for a site I was developing. It also had 75 or so backlinks.

    Registered the domain. Built the site. Started gathering up links from related sites (some pr 3-4 link pages), and so on.

    Yahoo and MSN have done a deep index. Google is nowhere to be seen. When I do in Google I get no results. Google toolbar shows white, PR0.

    I didn't really count on any ranking from the inbound links as that trick has been dead for more than a year now. I did hope for some traffic tho.

    Is it possible that the site has been dropped from the G index? Never to be seen again?

    Can I contact G and ask that the site be reinstated?

    Do I just deny G access to this site and build another copy with access denied to Yahoo and MSN?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Might want to check the internet archive to see what sort of site was on that domain in the past. If it looks spammy it may have been banned. I think Google has a process for cases like this. Might want to look into contacting them if this is the case.

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    Ahh.. this is where the infamous "Good news about expired domains" thread at WMW comes to mind.

    The way it's meant to work is this.. Google detects when expired domains drop and *should* then ignore any pre-existing links when calculating PR. So, if you have 75 inbound links then Google *should* ignore those and only count the new links.

    In reality it doesn't quite work like that. I had sites PR0ed because they had been expired domains, even through there were plenty of new backlinks. And now, I have some expired domains that *never* had new backlinks added that regained most of their PR. As with most things with Google, what generally works across the board may work differently on individual sites.

    Yahoo seems to be much more friendly towards expired domains though, so even on Yahoo traffic alone it's still potentially viable.
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