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    The searches in google get more and more irrelevant. WHat I found out - perhaps I am wrong - is that for a certain keyword only the "most relevant" site with a link to a merchants landing page is appearing in search results. After that site only results appear which have other landing pages. And after that the other affiliate pages for that keyword with the same landing page appear. One of my sites was nr 1 for a certain keyword. When I do a search now the merchants site appears, after that totally irrelevant results appear and on resultpage 8 my Nr.1 site ist one of the first affiliate sites that appear.
    With htis policy google tries to avoid having thousands of results with links to the same landing page, but with this policy google kills affiliate sites and also itself.


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    Well lets try it with some real words so we all do the same search.
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    Searches with common heavy usage key words (like snow thrower) seem to still produce decent results. What is really out of wack are the searches with the less common phrases (obtained with wordtracker) that people like me built sites around. I always made sure that my site actually featured the item relating to the phrase but now my results are displaced by spam directories. Hopefully this will change in a few days!
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