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    You know, cj did get it right when they gave us the new click date stat

    Anyway, I had an assumption, and it turned out to be true when I looked for it. On average the bigger the sale the longer the click date and purchase date.

    71% of sales of under $30 happen right on the spot (within 24 hours of clicking), but 80% of sales over over $90 (from my unofficial one month stats) have the customer buying at least 24 hours later.

    This is an interesting stat, I would appreciate you guys checking your stats and posting here your results. You guys understand the implication, it means when the cookie duration is low you may get the small sales so it looks to you like your site is selling. But you lose the big ones so the merchant is really ripping you off, throwing you crumbs but keeping the nice sales commission free.

    (ebay nickels was not included in my statistics)

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    Maybe the reason that the sales come through later is because when people are buying a high priced item, they shop around first. I know I do and sometimes it takes me a couple days to do that and then I buy the thing.

    If I'm not spending that much, I may briefly shop around before purchasing and then figure with the shipping differences, a few bucks isn't going to matter.

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    I was curious about the breakdown so I just checked. I had only 25% of sales greater than $90 not go through on the same day as the click day and had 9% of sales less than $90 not go through on the click date.

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