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    Gator gets a mention here, but the article is more than just Gator

    Wired News: Pop, Pop, Pop Go Those Web Ads

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    Once it detects the ad-blocking software, it sends a message asking the person to turn it off and check out the ad.

    Fresenius said she doubts many Web users find the offer appealing.
    Cute quote.

    I'm starting to have second thoughts about asking questions here but does anybody know (it's just dumb damn curiosity, okay?):

    If a person has gator installed on their computer, and also has a popup killer of whatever sort (it may depend on the type of popup killer), can gator still steal affilliate commissions?

    After all, it's still running in the background - I don't see why killing popups wouldn't prevent overwrites of affilliate codes.

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    @jaybat: Gator isn't overwriting affiliate links, they redirect the affiliate through their ad by offering some type of incentative or a competitor's site. It would seem from the article that some adblocker software maybe able to kill the Gator popup, but unfortunately the same software is probably also killing our cookie.

    Another interesting article along the same lines What Pops Must Come Down

    By the CEO of InterMute, the makers of AdSubtract:

    According to English, by the end of the summer, 75 percent of all modems sold retail in North America will include a freeware copy of interMute's software. Unfortunately, that version only kills ad banners and cookies. Users, however, can upgrade to the pop-up killing pro version for a fee.

    Notice the kill cookies feature on their free version. With tons of these programs out there now, privacy protection through browsers and firewalls to disable cookies, parasiteware, etc, etc, etc it is amazing that an affiliate commission ever fitlers through. Check out the numbers of people downloading these programs in droves. Something to think about when you check your stats and are ready to start shouting "Is the tracking turned off??!!"

    Just food for thought. We pay the price for the abuse of a few..

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    "Gator isn't overwriting affiliate links, they redirect the affiliate through their ad by offering some type of incentative or a competitor's site."

    Is it possible for that to be done without you seeing it? Show you your aff link but send the url request as something else?

    "Dead popup, who cares, we're still sending them where WE want them to go."

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