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    January 17th, 2005
    I run gator for the password storage and ignore all the popups and spam I get from them.

    I just got a popup survey question that in my opinion tries to trick the survey participant. I'm going to have to paraphrase because I wasn't thinking and didn't write it down and now it's gone forever.

    It stated that there had been lawsuits filed about popups and spam and could affect games, activities and such that we participate in online and they wanted us to answer who we thought should be in control of what we view and see.

    The options were the viewer/computer user and the publisher of the webpage we're viewing. My first gut reaction was to say the viewer should control what we see because they make it appear that it's referring to the barrage of popups and spam we get, but what they're actually referring to is that we as users have opted to have Gator do this and therefore the Gator popups and traffic theft is our choice as users.

    I chose the wrong answer without thinking and I am quite sure that uninformed web users would have also made that choice. I am very upset about this because I'm sure this survey will be presented as evidence at some point about the users' desires and preferences.

    I really, really believe this "survey" is worded in such a way as to TRICK users into choosing the option they want them to choose.

    BEWARE!!!!!!!! They're sneaky!

    Just wanted to share...


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    Hi and Welcome to ABW!

    I'll try to get the verbiage from Scott Eagle (CTO) of Gator to see how confusing it is.

    I'd like to add that many ABW merchants have sued Gator also (not public info) and this also will make a difference.


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    Looks like a response to the post here.

    Sounds more like they are trying to do some PR spin and drum up sympathy. I don't know if something like that could even be used in court.

    BTW, there are adware free alternatives to Gator. Roboform is one that many members here have recommended.

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    Thanks for the notice.

    With all due respect, Why would anyone involved in this business even consider using gator? How can we fight them if our own are using them? You ignore the pop-ups (but obviously not - you did respond to the pop-up survey), but, do you ignore their spyware which steals your commissions?

    Of course we have affiliates actively promoting Ebates, Gator, etc as well, which I will never understand.

    Most modern browsers store passwords. IE does, Mozilla does it very nicely.

    Good Luck.

    ...only in the affiliates interest...
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    DealHunting can go to and download that great form filling /password app along with the Gator file transfer program. In 5 minutes you'll be Gator free ( use Ad-Aware to uninstall all components) with an application that is 10 times faster.

    I agree thta Gator is trying some spin survey to put power into their "user choice" arguement. Most new Gator installs are hidden downloads and their users have no idea they have the parasite functions still actively generating adwarez pop-ups after the windows un-install.

    WebMaster Mike

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