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    I don't remember who is was, but a few people were saying that ClickZ had no objectivity and catered to their advertisers like Gator, by writing fluff pieces or ignoring Gators shortcomings.

    Do you really think that an editor at ClickZ would publish this column if they were worried about thier advertisers?

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    Even Ad supported editors can get feedup with the antics of the online Ad industry's Eye-Ball War. The consumers want their desktops back and their e-mail boxes left unmolested. The answer is to lay off 50% of everyone in the online Ad industry so they don't come up with more agressive ways to offend Internet users. Downsize the Internet and start with Popup/exit Ads -huge slowloading Flash Ads and spammers. With half the payroll to meet then maybe they'll find that endusers require some real value at the end of a click.

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    This might be the most absurd post I've ever read... the guy makes some decent comments in defense of Gator and you assume it's media catering to advertisers? Please.

    I know some of the founders of ClickZ and have worked in technology media in the past. It's simply conspiracy theorists who think journalists are simply catering to advertisers in their stories.

    Now, I do believe that sometimes journalists don't do their homework and if Gator helped them do their homework better than Gator's detractors, then the story will end up slanted.

    Regardless, I do not believe that to be the case here.

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