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    2,777 Services has signed a three-year deal with to display its sponsored search listings on pages that pop under those of rival and partner Web sites.

    Overture has been testing a partnership with Gator Corp online advertising and information network (GAIN) for several months. In the last week, the company committed to a lengthy deal to distribute sponsored listings from its advertising network onto Gator Corps new paid search product ... the Search Scout.

    Like previous products from Gator Corp, Search Scout allows advertisers to reach members of the Gator network when they are visiting competitors web sites by triggering a pop-under window when a Gator customer searches on ant site such as Google or Yahoo.

    The window lists search results tied to keywords purchased through competing search services. Gator Corp has said it has roughly 35 million active users on the GAIN network and Gator wallet software services with roughly 600 advertisers targeting messages to these users.

    Gator Corps practices and those of its advertisers have drawn considerable controversy in numerous Internet publishing and e-commerce circles and has sparked numerous lawsuits from their actions. Search experts have criticized Gator's Search Scout for its potential to alienate Overture's established advertisers, as well as those of other search providers.

    [Full story: Overture signs deal with Gator - CNET News]

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    The sleeze bags unite to drain Overture PPCSE accounts with "tricks-for-Clicks" plug-ins. Drive-by installs and timed pop ups go with the greed driven ethics of the execs at each of these firms. Why don't they both come out of the closet and just go 100% into the porn site business.

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