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    Can you explain in easy to understand english what this is? So you don't even need to be in the CJ network for this?

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    I thought it was just me, but then I realized even a smart guy like Trust had trouble with it.

    I was so confused after reading the text, I was not sure if I needed to apply, or if I am already doing it, just under a different name.

    Todd, please drop by and explain this. Thanks!


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    my take on it.. and this is just a guess because I couldn't make heads or tails of it either

    they're offering a new service to manage PPC campaigns at the major search engines.

    they might have a new piece of software or service integrated to manage them all at once through a single interface.

    I suppose having the CTR, EPM, EPC, etc stats on hundreds of products, services, industries from their huge publisher base would help towards a successful ad campaign with Overture or Adwords or something similar.

    This is just what I could think of since it's not very specific other than the vague marketing speak.

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    That service has been mentioned before in conjunction with some other services I think. Seems when talked about before it was something for merchants, not affiliates.

    combines the expertise of a CJ Search specialist with a network of experienced pay-for-performance search publishers

    I think those experienced pay for performance search publishers are affiliates in the CJ network?? Maybe ones who are doing the ppcse thing?

    I wish I could remember what thread or at least who brought it up. It had something to do with giving merchants ways to manage their SE efforts and data to compare what affiliates were doing with kw they might be interested in. My take at the time is it would help merchants manage their costs with ppc (ie compare ROI for letting CJ manage a ppc for the merchant or directing the merchant to affs who were already doing the kw). Something like that.

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    I think the other post people are referring to was the Press Release which was also not very clear.

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    I don't think we ever got a clear answer to exactly what CJ Search is, and what it does. I remember several threads about it, but I don't recall reading anything that I thought explained it very well.


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    I'm told the owner is across the pond

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