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    Anyone familiar with the code used by Extended Stay America Inc to block Gator as referenced by this article:

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    I checked out their code and there are good many references to gator in it. Maybe someone else could decipher what it is.

    Of course, you might not want to waste your time since the real reference was to navi"gator".

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    Was gonna say Poon. I looked a few minutes ago and didn't see anything myself except navigator references.


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    Maybe they've pulled it, after being served?

    My two guesses are:

    1. Javascript that loads on accessing their webpage and watches what windows are opened by the browser while their window exists - any windows detected that come from gator's BHO are closed immediately.

    2. Their own BHO that does the same as 1.) above.


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    Originally posted by happypoon:
    I checked out their code and there are good many references to gator in it. Maybe someone else could decipher what it is.


    I guess they pulled it. I contacted the webmaster but no response yet.

    I kept an archive of Gator popups a while back and wanted to take a look at it when I got the chance. I found this little jewel:

    function checkPlugin( ){
    var js_plugin_error = 0;
    var strObjType = typeof( IEGator );
    if( 'object' == strObjType ){
    var strParamsType = typeof( IEGator.params );
    if ( strParamsType != 'string' ){
    js_plugin_error += 1;
    } else {
    if('undefined' == strObjType){
    js_plugin_error += 2;
    else if( 'unknown' == strObjType ){
    js_plugin_error += 4;
    } else {
    js_plugin_error += 8;

    It doesn't seem to work with the latest version of Gator.

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