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    It sure seems Yahoo/Overture are playing both sides of the fence. Their BHO partnerships, like the one with Clara/Gator's searchscout, guarantees they'll piss off those who pay Overture keyword fees watching Gator pops while searching Yahoo.

    From Ben's page link to PcSpitstop..."Trouble in store: With a Claria product installed, visitors at Yahoo Shopping find themselves assaulted by multiple pop-up windows asking them to shop elsewhere.
    Yahoo Shopping includes merchants large and small, great product variety, and a flexible interface to browse or search for products across all the participating stores. Merchants pay Yahoo for the privilege of having their products listed, and some merchants even have their entire sites hosted by Yahoo. Yahoo's support of Claria is degrading that shopping experience, for both its visitors and merchants.

    The screen shot at left shows an example of what happens when a Claria user visits Yahoo Shopping. As we browsed through the Yahoo Shopping site, Claria's software collected information about the pages we were viewing. Within two seconds of each other, Claria's software opened both the center pop-up for flowers and the full-screen pop-under for women's clothes. Clicking the the pop-up ad results in a lost sale for Yahoo Shopping, it is a Claria ad that is not even affiliated with Overture. Clicking links in the Search Scout window is a big win for Claria, a small win for Yahoo's Overture division, and another big loss for the merchants of Yahoo Shopping. It's very puzzling that Yahoo would put so much effort into a shopping portal if they have decided that it's more profitable to work with Claria to filch customers off their own sites. Perhaps they should let their Yahoo Shopping partners know about this change of plans.

    Yahoo's test of character
    Some ideas seem really good until they end up in your own back yard. When Internet properties the size of Yahoo's meet a "contextual advertising" service the size of Claria's, it's nearly impossible for Claria's pop-up ads to avoid Yahoo's back yard.

    At this point, Yahoo seems to have three courses of action. One is to leave things as they are, but that seems destructive to Yahoo's visitors, its shopping partnerships, and its own financial interests. A second approach, basically the "easy way out" for Yahoo, would be to quietly tell its partner Claria to not display pop-unders on Yahoo properties. This solves Yahoo's immediate problem, but through its Overture division Yahoo would continue to support the very behavior it had prohibited from its own site."
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    I thought Yahoo was in the process of setting up a partnership with PestPatrol to have a spyware remover on their site? Yahoo/Overture work with Gator/Claria but they want to remove it from their searchers' computers? Makes no sense!

    They should pick a side of the fence and stay there. They can't have their cake and eat it too.


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    I/3 of all Gator/Clara income comes from their Yahoo owners pocket....LOL. Just like pilfering money out of Mom's purse.

    side note: MLB Advanced Media Makes Agreement to Not Use Spyware a Condition for Doing Business
    Wednesday June 30, 12:34 pm ET

    NEW YORK, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- MLB Advanced Media, LP (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet Company of Major League Baseball, announced today that it was adding language to new agreements prohibiting potential partners from using spyware to distribute their commercial messages in connection with
    The action is being taken to protect the company's websites and those millions of users who visit them.

    MLBAM has added specific anti-spyware language to partnership agreements currently being negotiated and will make the language standard in partnership agreements going forward. In addition, the company has sent cease and desist letters to several spyware providers, and their advertisers which have targeted

    Spyware, also known as "adware", is software that is downloaded to a user's computer without the user's actual consent which facilitates the distribution of commercial messages.
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    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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