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    Sure a big hoorah they pulled their IPO. But the rest of the article was enough to make me break out in a cold sweat and I'll probalby have nightmares now.

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    Makes sense if the Gator/Clara sleezebags are looking for a quick buyout rather then hang their dirty laundry out to 300 pissed off Gator victims. Google blocked some specific BHO listings in their serps and is 100% satisfied to be unincumbered by any Adwhore operation. Being rich also allows those with ethics the common sense to slip Gator & gang the bird.

    Gator is so far up Overtures butts their diagnosed as a colon cancerby the IAB/DMA surgeon general. Yahoo owns Overture and that enities partnership with Gator wipes it's butt with Yahoo's own TOS. Gators search bar hijacker is proven to make illegal use of keyword trademarks, and together with Overture, they conspire to drain advertisers accounts with hijacked junk traffic.

    Yahoo sure is a likely suspect for giving the Gator founders money to exit the USA to some safe haven Island. Buying or hiring a POS gorrilla marketer and browser hijacker like Gaot makes sense for the unethical folks at the helm of Yahoo. Surprized they don't buy Sharman Industries too to simplify drive-by and bundled installs. I agree Ms.B that it's a nightmare senerio as here come the wanks at 180Solutions and WhenU with their passports and empty suitcases getting while the gettings good.
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