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    In a recent follow-up email from our "beloved" friends at Aluria they sent the attached as the email, I seriously wonder if they are "bordering" on misrepresentation, Thoughts?

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    If you consider affiliate cookies as spyware, 95% is a low number. Other that that, its a blantent scare tactic. I don'
    t blame them though, scare tactics work onb the naive and/or novices.

    But ok lets take the claims one by one
    95% have spyware, by their definition I agree, if you are on the internet 10 minutes you probably have an affiliate or hitbox or some sort of "using their definition" spyware cookie.

    Virus can ruin your computer, that is true, you could also be killed by a swarm of killer bees too.

    Spyware can ruin you life, also true, so could a stalker, I think there are better odds on a stalker ruining your life though.

    Scan your PC now for free, find out the shocking truth. Maybe my PC knows the real reason why J-Lo and Ben broke up.

    Prevent credit card theft, does it prevent the common cold too?

    Protect your privacy. The govt must b pissed, didn't they just pass the homeland security act to divulge your privacy?

    Find and remove spyware (It'll even find and remove spyware (cookies) that isn't even real spyware.

    Erase history files (And I thought I could do thiseby a couple of clicks on IE

    Secure your PC (I thought norton antivirus did that not this stuff? Are they saying they are an antivirus software too that continuously runs and updates itself at regular intervals?

    Anyway, since they use can and their own definition of spyware what they say is not really a lie, but it certainly is a scare tactic.

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    anyone have any idea where they get their stats??

    maybe from the internet fraud alliance??

    two years and counting.... nothing much has changed... commissions stolen daily... billions of impressions served...

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