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    well since I recently retired as a Safeway employee and it's looking good based on affiliate income. I wan't abw members feedback on this:

    Dear CJ publisher,

    Just in time for the holidays, we're offering you a special $6 commission for every order from a brand new customer, and $4 for each existing customer who makes a repeat purchase. It's our busiest season and we know why: Online grocery shopping is the perfect solution for everyone with a hectic holiday schedule.

    Plus, your site visitors will want to shop online at for:
    - $10 off their first order of $100 or more
    - Free delivery on orders over $150*
    - United grocery miles earned for every three shops**
    - The same Safeway Club Card specials found in their local store

    Be sure to check our merchant program in the next few weeks for festive ads to decorate your web site and earn you money.

    Click here to join affiliate program or to accept the new offer***:

    Happy Selling!

    The team

    *available in the Bay Area, CA market only through Nov. 22, 2003.
    **Restrictions apply. See site for details.
    ***If you are an existing affiliate, please note that this new holiday promotion will automatically take into affect on November 15th.

    I probably won't send my traffic to them as I'm with what my customers want and people seem to be liking my products and services I offer? do you think this is a good fair affiliate commission?

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    $6 commission for every order from a brand new customer, and $4 for each existing customer who makes a repeat purchase

    The $6 lead payout is not too bad itself.

    The repeat purchase payout? Love 'em or hate 'em for whatever reason; you've got to give them points for that. It's about time we start seeing some offline standards (override commissions) creeping in.

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    I think the delivery area is too limited for their program to succeed.

    As for the commission, considering the average grocery order (in MI anyway) is about $200, that works out to all of 3%! I know the margins in the grocery biz suck for a lot of the products, so it's probably not as cheapskate as it sounds, but still--My Rule 1 of Commissions applies:

    If, for any reason, the merchant can't afford paying a real commission, that merchant can't afford to be showcased on my sites!

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