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    "Internet auctioneer eBay is exceptionally popular in Germany, CEO Greg Whitman told the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung yesterday."

    CJ - how about convincing eBay to open up an account for eBay Germany - the current affiliate program is very difficult for non-Greman speaking webmasters to navigate, and I'm pretty sure they don't offer the toolkits. :^(

    I was using them ages ago, got a couple of low Euro cheques, but at the time you couldn't deep link.

    How about it?

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    "CEO Greg Whitman "

    LOL. Ooops! eBay's CEO is Meg Whitman. hahaha.

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    ebay, add more international sites to your cj account please.

    If EBay Japan was not dead months ago.

    I would like to promote it too through Affiliate program

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