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    How can we get around this? all my affiliate links are missing. People telling me they see text but no links to go to.

    I know there are workarounds but can't they put something in their Liveupdate that fixes this?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm surprised this hasn't (to my knowledge) been mentioned in the NANOG mailing list.

    Belkin recently did a software upgrade to their routers that intercepted one HTTP request every 8 hours and redirected it to a Belkin website upselling their censorshiip software. All hell broke lose.

    Symantec kills off a screed of websites and there's barely a whimper.

    Perhaps when people complain to you guys about your links disappearing, you should get them to complain to their ISP's. That should be a quick way for Symantec's little trick to gain the attention of some network geeks, and maybe THEY can turn up the heat on Symantec.

    I know that Belkin did a MASIIVE BACKPEDAL on their little scam when the shite hit the fan earlier this week:

    Original story:

    Final firefighting from Belkin:


    We at Belkin apologize for the recent trouble our customers have experienced with the wireless router/browser redirect issue. We unintentionally overlooked the effect this feature would have. We never intended to compromise the trust of our customers, and we never intend to do so in the future.

    We are taking responsibility for this, and we will be offering firmware fixes early next week. We do not have exact details yet as we are still working on them, and will continue to work on them over the weekend. What we can tell you now is that each Router's firmware that incorporates Parental Control as an option will be changed.

    I'll keep posting as things develop. Stay tuned..."

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