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    I hardly know where to begin. I was speaking to one of my Advertisers a few weeks ago and he went on a rant about how CJ was generating non-existent sales. So he had started watching his reports very closely, matching them up with actual orders received, and reversing the bogus transactions. I didn't think too much of it until yesterday.

    I had taken the afternoon off and gone to the movies with a friend. When I returned there was this huge sale which generated an almost $300 commission from a different Advertiser. I knew immediately it couldn't be real because there is just no way anybody would have made that large a purchase of the particular product.

    I immediately called the AM and brought it to his attention. He researched the sale and called me back.

    The sale turned out to be very strange in that the Order # generated was from March for a much smaller amount and totally different product. This advertiser has only been active for about two months. In addition, there were other bogus orders for much smaller amounts.

    Exporting my own report of all sales so far for November to Excel, it was easy to see because the good orders generated Order Ids in sequential order starting with one two digit number, while the bogus orders generated Order Ids starting with a smaller two-digit number.

    Then I ran a report for October, and found eight more bogus orders for small amounts. I emailed the reports to the AM and he's going to investigate further with CJ. But this all happened late Friday afternoon, so I don't expect to hear back until next week.

    Does anybody have any idea why the system would be creating these orders? It seems to me that it inappropriately makes the advertisers look bad when they catch these errors and reverse the sales.

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    The advertiser should contact CJ asap. CJ will be able to look into specific transactions to see if there was any fraud involved or if there is something not configured correctly on the merchant website. CJ takes these things very seriously and has the technical capabilites to determine the cause.

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