I just got the CJ Advertiser (Merchant) Newsletter, explaining more about how Search will work. At 1st glance, I think I like it. They are essentially helping advertisers realize that affiliates can be a big asset in overall search stategy especially since affiliates are experts at driving conversions and sales and not just clicks, like PPC.

Here's a short excerpt:

Including Publishers in Your Search Strategy

Commission Junction supports publishers engaging in search marketing and believes it is another way you can extend your reach beyond your own marketing efforts. Although you may be concerned publishers are creating more competition in the search engines, many advertisers have shown with their results that the benefits outweigh the costs, especially considering that publishers engaged in search marketing on behalf of advertisers are assuming the cost of purchasing the keywords. Publishers also test and refine their campaigns with specific advertiser offers and creative at their own expense. There are a couple of ways you can leverage these publishers to ensure that you are taking advantage of the additional advertising they can provide through the search engines, while still managing your brand representation.


Affiliates can read the whole long newsletter that merchants got by going into your publisher account. Go to CJU online and look for:

Search Marketing Best Practices (For Advertisers)

Expanding Your Reach with Search Marketers (For Advertisers)

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