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    I have a buisness account at my bank, they also have merchant accounts avialible,

    my question is: do I still need and a payment processor?

    and how does it usually work with a banks merchant account?

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    We have written a Guide to Online Payments which you may find useful.

    It explains what usually happens when a customer makes a credit card purchase online, including: checkout, manual and automatic authorisation (authorization), capture and online merchant accounts. Alternative payment methods like PayPal, WorldPay and NoChex are also discussed. We use Pay Pal and have found it very reliable and easy to administer but expensive!

    Good luck

    Shopping Cart Software by eShopFitters

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    You can get a merchant account from anyone. Your bank account and your merchant account are 2 seperate entities. Keep in mind that the vast majority of banks are just reselling someone elses merchant account product.

    Ironically Amerimerchant is also a reseller but the largest reseller for Cornerstone payment systems in the US. We can get you specially negotiated rates. Worth taking a look around at a few places before you come up to a decision.

    Also keep in mind that a penny here or a penny there in the long run is going to cost you roughly $2-$3 a month sometimes. Unless you are doing 100's of thousands of dollars a month.

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    You will usually not get access to a online merchant account through your bank, you will usually have to seek out an ISO.

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