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    Well, I finally see that the eBay nickel sales are coming through, they turned back on Saturday 11/22. I haven't seen the transactions from 11/17 to 11/21 restored yet.

    I also am not seeing any registrations since the incident. Not even unqualified registrations. Although I don't get enough monthly registrations to definitively state that there is a problem, it's been 7 days since my last registration, and I managed to accumulate 22 registration entries (both initial & active) in the first 18 days of the month, never going more than 4 days between registrations. Something seems possibly wrong.

    I also implemented the SID for the eBay editor kit. I fixed my SID to be the derived country of origin of the IP (using the free version of GeoIP), the IP, and the date/time of the bid.

    So far, I am seeing interesting results. The biggest surprise is that I am seeing many consecutive bids with the same IP. And they are coming in spaced out in time -- for example, one IP bid 5 times, at 10:08, 11:51, 12:33, 1:44, and 1:50 -- all via my link.

    I think this is due to the way I use the editor kit; when someone searches for hockey cards on my site, I present any eBay auctions of those cards. Someone searching for multiple players would be presented with multiple eBay search results, and would click multiple times.

    I am also seeing some transactions come in without a SID. I assume that is because someone clicked on the link before I had the SID implemented, and they have just gotten around to bidding. Today, 24 hours after I put the SID code in, out of 18 transactions, I have 3 without SIDs. That means that people are waiting a while to bid after clicking on the link.

    That prompted me to add the time to my SID, so I can see how long someone takes to bid after clicking.

    The big test is going to be when I get an "unqualified" lead. I'll be curious to see if I find any IP's that have an unqualified registration but are never activated. It's as close as I can get to checking eBay's software.


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    I have seen signups, but no activations.


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