I'm starting a new affiliate program with clickbank as a merchant and i want to ensure that my affiliates are paid correctly.

My major problem is that at the moment i do not understand tracking technology in detail.

Lets say
1. an affiliate promotes a merchants product on his site.
2. a visitor of the affiliates site clicks on this link and is forwarded to the merchants site. This site contains information about the product and a "Buy it at clickbank"-Link.
3. Browser sets a cookie on the visitors Client (??).
4. Visitor does not want to buy now, but sets a bookmark to come back later.
5. Two weeks later he visits merchants site again. Now he wants to buy the product. Thanks to the bookmark he can access the merchant site directly without visiting affiliates site before.
6. He orders the product on the merchants site at clickbank.

What happens now? Does my affiliate get any money (perhaps because of the valid cookie)?

Does anybody know? I hope this question is not too stupid, but up to now nobody could give me a detailled answer :-(.

Thank you