Take the hottest information products on all of ClickBank - the Top 5% of over 40,000 products (1,997 to be precise). We're talking about the fastest-selling eBooks. The most popular software. The reports and manuals customers love and purchase the most. The best products from the best copywriters, gurus and aces on the net.

Put them into a well-organized, virtual shopping mall. Give it a unique, powerful search engine that spiders the entire ClickBank Marketplace.

Accept all the popular credit cards. Then pay top commissions (typically 50% and up to 75%) on those products.

Finally, set up a fully personalized, autoresponder system that embeds your personal link on the CBmall products that are promoted to your subscribers in every single issue for months and months. Talk about selling power.

There's just one missing ingredient...

Who Gets All Those Commissions?
That's easy. You do.

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