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    I'm posting a letter sent by Harith Al-Jibury to ClickBank, it speaks for itself!

    Dear Sirs,

    I'm approaching you in the spirit of cooperation and decent human
    and business conduct and ask you kindly to read thoroughly my
    current message and to take urgent and much needed actions to put an
    end to an unacceptable situation in ClickBank MarketPlace.

    It has been well known during the last two years or so, that
    affiliates continue in losing legitimate earned commissions on their
    referral sales with several affiliate programs vendors of ClickBank
    Marketplace who offer additional payment options. I.e. in such
    cases, ClickBank Marketplace vendors are NOT paying their affiliates
    their hard earned referral commissions on sales via PayPal, money
    checks, phone in orders, mail orders etc..

    ClickBank management must have been aware of the said problem, as it
    has been discussed on several public forums and mailing lists
    related to webmasters and affiliate programs.

    I don't have hard facts, but can assume that ClickBank Marketplace
    affiliates might have lost referral commissions of equivalent or
    more than $1000.000 at least, based on the number of vendors and
    products and services on ClickBank Marketplace.

    It is neither for ClickBank interest nor the interest of ClickBank
    Marketplace affiliates to allow such doubtful and in mine opinion
    unethical business practice to continue for ever. Action MUST be
    taken by ClickBank MarketPlace to correct this problem urgently.

    A possible solution to the current problem is by adding full
    disclosures on a prominent spot of ClickBank Marketplace to the

    - ClickBank will ONLY guarantee payment of affiliate referral
    commissions on sales via ClickBank payment processing system.

    - Affiliates are recommended and encouraged to investigate with
    vendors who offer additional payment options, before signing-up and
    installing referral links, whether the said vendors are prepared to
    pay referral commissions on sales via their additional payments
    options like PayPal, money checks, phone in orders etc...

    The current ClickBank Marketplace provides affiliates with referral
    links without the need of leaving the marketplace.

    - ClickBank Marketplace Vendors should disclose clearly on ClickBank
    Marketplace if they offer additional payment options and whether
    affiliates will be paid for referral sales via those payment options.

    Unfortunately none of above essential disclosures are available on
    ClickBank Marketplace. Only the following statement is published on
    Clickbank Marketplace:

    "With ClickBank every link on your web site can be a source of
    revenue. Use the Marketplace to find products that will be of
    interest to people who visit your site. Next to each product listing
    you'll see a percentage. This is the commission you can earn for
    referring a paying customer to ClickBank to purchase that product.
    Click on the percentage to see how to make a hoplink for each
    product." []

    As you noticed, this statement doesn't mention anything about the
    problems in question where affiliates risk losing their legitimate
    earned referral commissions. Accordingly new affiliates will sign-up
    and fetch referral links in good faith and believe that they will be
    paid referral commissions on ALL sales, which isn't the case

    I wish to thank you for taking the time reading this message and
    look forward to your full cooperation.

    All the best,

    Harith Al-Jibury

    Danex Export Marketing Respources - Denmark

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    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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    > Hi all
    > I have recieved today a reply from the Operations
    > Manager in ClickBank.
    > She wrote me that she have forwarded my suggestions
    > to ClickBank
    > technical team "for their review, and hope that they
    > will consider
    > adding some of the information that you have
    > included below!"
    > So lets wait and see!
    > Shall keep you posted on developements in this
    > subject.
    > All the best,
    > Harith

    <font size="2" face="Verdana">Haiko

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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