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    Is anyone else having link tracking problems? Such as your affiliate id showing in the address bar like it's supposed to but at the bottom of the secure order page it shows another id other than yours along with the merchant id.

    When I click on a different merchant the merchant id that shows up in place of mine doesn't ever seem to change until I reload my browser. It's like it's not updating the cookie or something.

    This seems to be happening with two different CB search scripts that I'm using on different sites. My regular sites seem to be working ok.

    I've emailed clickbank and waiting on a reply.

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    Big Problem

    Here is the e-mail I sent Clickbank. I have included URLs - most people know my site anyway:

    ====================Start e-mail================

    I was alerted to this by one of my affilaites. After testing myself, I find that I too can confirm this behavious.

    I visited the following site:

    I clicked on the concern screens one by one. I did not click on any affiliate links.

    I then went to my own site at


    and clicked the affiliate link towards the bottom as if to buy the product. I know that the author of this product - Sean Burns - is using the new system.

    When I arrive at his page and click the buy link, I enter some details to go to the credit card page. The affiliate getting commission is not me. In fact it is the affiliate who owns site.

    The affiliate ID is: epixpro

    How did this affiliate get the cookie when I did not click on any of his links - and in fact he did not even have a link to this eBook.

    ============End OF E-MAIL==============

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