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    ClickBank New Tracking Code

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    Thanks, I put the new code on my pages and Presto, Wallo, Bingo the clicks all started tracking correctly!

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    Looks like 40% of the advertisers left, went to update links and most my advertisers are gone.
    Guess it is time to update links anyways.

    Have you Screened your
    advertisers lately? For shortened cookie durations , Parasites,
    Location of 1-800 numbers, cookie overwriting pop ups, cookie overwriting emails...Traffic leaks on their own web pages. Have you done any test purchases lately? and more...are your web pages being framed?

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    Dear ClickBank,

    I have been testing your new "ClickBank Tracking
    Code System" and I have found several problems with
    that system. I have listed some of them below:

    1. I was able to set my own "tic" cookie to receive
    the affiliate discount for a purchase without even
    signing up as an "affiliate" (this is exactly what
    you claim your new system prevents).

    2. The original (first) "tic" cookie that I set
    maintained priority over all other valid affiliate
    "tic" cookies that were set throughout the day so
    that all of the other legitimate affiliates were
    cheated out of their referral commissions by your
    new system. The first "tic" cookie (which is the
    oldest) always overruled all of the other subsequent
    "tic" cookies even when I went to completely
    different ClickBank merchant sites (that had a "toc"
    cookie) using a direct link on another affiliate's
    web page that had a valid and verified "tic" cookie.
    This is exactly the opposite of what you claim
    regarding "No stolen or hijacked commissions" and
    "More accurate tracking of referrals".

    3. You claim that "nicknames will be invisible in
    order to protect your account and your commission"
    which is not true! The merchants’ nickname is
    clearly visible in the new tracking code that must
    be placed in the merchant’s landing page source code
    (which is accessible to everyone) and it is also
    visible in the payment link (which has always been
    accessible to everyone). With this information a
    buyer can add their "tic" cookie to the merchant’s
    "toc" cookie so that the referring affiliate will be
    cheated out of their commission (if your system
    works as you claim) and the buyer will receive an
    unauthorized affiliate discount on their purchase.
    This is the same problem that the current hoplink
    system has, you still have not solved the original

    4. Your new system requires every affiliate to have
    their own website (with a "tic" cookie) and then
    provide a direct link to every ClickBank merchant’s
    site that they want to promote! Are you serious?
    Don’t you realize that the main reason ClickBank is
    so popular is because that the affiliates never had
    to have a website and/or set up their own web pages
    to promote products, which also made it much easier
    for merchants to get affiliates to promote their
    products. Your new system removes every advantage
    that ClickBank ever had and you are setting yourself
    up to lose thousands of clients (affiliates and
    merchants) and millions of dollars in sales. You
    have just opened the door for the competition to
    knock you out. The pressure from unhappy affiliates
    will force your merchants to purchase their own
    affiliate program software (which is now very
    inexpensive and offers merchants and affiliates more
    features than you do) and they will be switching to
    less expensive payment processors because they will
    not need or want your new faulty affiliate system.

    5. You are completely discontinuing your hoplink
    system when thousands of affiliate hoplinks have
    been embedded in ebooks that cannot be changed. You
    claim that the affiliate will be able to redirect
    all of those discontinued hoplinks to one page where
    they can then redirect them again -- that is not a
    solution, that is a nightmare! You really need to
    reconsider this decision and keep the current
    hoplink system permanently in place and build your
    new system around or separately from the current

    It appears that you are shooting yourself in the
    foot with your new system and you really need to
    consider what it is that your merchants and
    affiliates want! You have not solved any of the
    security problems and you have taken away all of the conveniences for affiliates.

    Where will you be without your merchants and


    Bob Ashworth

    Bob's letter has also been sent to ClickBank
    and we await their reply.

    Note that Question (2) may now be superseded by
    subsequent information about tracking logic
    supplied by ClickBank at

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    Good thing I put off updating ClickBank links till this weekend. Now I've put them on hold for a while till this settles down. What a mess!

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> What about the tik-tok tracker iframe I just installed?

    We will deactivate all of those trackers shortly (date to be announced). We'd prefer that you remove these from your pages, but you don't have to.

    If it's slick, it's not sticky.

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