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    January 17th, 2005
    I do not like the new reporting format being used. I can see only one day at a time as vs the old method I could view a two week pay period at a time.

    That two week period showed me which items sold. Then obviously I could see which items did not sell. I could see this with a quick scan of what had sold in that two week pay period.

    I do not want to continue promoting items on my website which are not selling.

    The new reporting method only allows me to view ONE DAY. Not even the option for two week pay period of a month. Do I need to repeat myself? Only ONE DAY at at time is being reported.

    Do you really think I want to log in each and every day. Write down on paper what sold and start my own database for sales item reference?

    What is the purpose of a reporting account, if I have to do that? Exactly what was the purpose of limiting the reports to only one day?

    Lets sum this up: If I want to see what sold in a two pay period, I can click on each daily report, (of course I have to do this 14 times for the pay period), write down the sales for each day on notepad and make my own pay period sales report for which items sold.

    POOPY IDEA !!!

    You not only stopped reporting via email to the affiliates when a sale is made, you made the only reporting method available lousy.

    This was a big mistake.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Ya, it sucks, obviously the people who work on it don't use it at all.

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    A couple of days ago I complained about it to ClickBank and one of the reps said that they had to change things due to increased sales volume and that they hoped to have a way to view multiple days stats soon.

    Today, it looks like they do.

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    It's still not working for me, they have the option there to see up to 8 days but no sales show up. I tried each and every option, 2 days, 3 days etc knowing there were sales to show but not one sale showed up. They showed on the day of the sale and they show getting the data with ClickSales and on payday but not at ClickBank.

    I've noticed when someone has something that is working great, no problems, everybodys happy, that it's just a matter of time before someone comes along and gets the big idea to fix it! If they wanted to do something modern, why didn't they just offer direct deposit or something constructive like that. Why yank the rug out from under many of their merchants and chop their affiliates off at the knees? And to add more injury on top of injury, with no warning!!! While they're at it, how about throwing a little insult in there with it and make it as difficult as possible for the affiliates to see whats going on by destroying his ability to see his earning for a whole pay period at a time!!!

    Up until about Sept 28th or 29th I was very impressed with ClickBank, I not only admired and marveled at their simple and dependable setup but thought I saw real wisdom behind the whole setup. They are the only network that collects the money directly from the customer (keeping the merchants from being able to skim) but also allowed anyone to become an affiliate, thats about as simple and fair as it can get. No inspections, no qualifying, no forms to fill out just add the vendor id and your commissions were there, every two weeks (provided you could protect your links with a good link cloaker which they now have outlawed supposedly).

    A whole industry grew up around ClickBank with programmers writing all kinds of software to help affiliates track, link, search and deal with ClickBank products. Then overnight without warning much of the software don't work anymore, vendors are scrambling to rewrite and upgrade their programs so they'll still function as promised, ebook sellers were fixing to have a bunch of irate customers because the old hop links embedded in the bought and paid for ebooks were going to be dead in the water. Affiliates don't know which way to go because the new links are on again off again, commissions were lost due to link cloaking being outlawed with no warning and all a sudden the solid, simple, dependable ClickBank has turned into a state of chaos with no one being able to tell you which link cloaking software if any is now "qualified" and realizing that they have not only shot theirselves in the foot but have just about blown the whole leg off have wisely decided that they better keep the old hop links intact! WISE decision!! A little slow but better late than never.

    They said the new crapola would make for better statistics tracking and then took away our two weeks worth of sales statistics!!!

    I don't know what all is going on behind the scenes at ClickBank but if it's new people, a firing party is needed instantly. If it's trying to keep up with the Joneses, why not be content with the best network going? Or at least upgrade intelligently. If it's spammers, there are a lot of ways to deal with them without destroying the network in the process. I don't buy the increased volume excuse, that is pure bull! If the same people are running things that have always been there then they need to take some time off, maybe an overseas trip or something (retirement maybe) and get their heads screwed back on straight. It's true, those were too good of minds to waste!

    I have no idea but I'd guess that some new hotshot with a pile of diplomas was hired and someone was in awe at the big list of credentials and actually thought that he had intelligence to go along with it. If that was the case then I bet they don't think he's so smart now.

    After saying all that, ClickBank still is the only network that directly collects the money and still allows me to affiliate with the vendor of my choice with no inspection hoops to have to jump thru. Since that alone puts them ahead of the rest in my book, the fact that they are complicating the system and getting on the micro manage band wagon still does not make them any worse than the ones that have been doing it all along. I don't need any fancy tracking, fancy statistics and can even make do with no direct deposit (btw all sales come on one check, I like it). So even with all their short sighted, narrow minded, goofy wrong turns as of lately, the left overs of what used to be superior by far is still better than any of the other networks, in my opinion! (Don't be telling me what opinions are like!)

    Maybe they'll fire the big idea man and get back to good sense functioning while theres still something worth salvaging. Let the smart affiliates defend theirselves against all the affiliate worlds evils, they're better at it than some bimbo in the office that don't know nothing about affiliate cloaking software!!! Throw us to the wolves and a new affiliate network will rise to take their place in time and clickbank will become a memory and just another lesson to learn from.

    In the meantime, the old hop links made money in the past and as long as ClickBank will allow them to function, I'm sure they'll keep on making money in the future and thats all I intend on using as long as they'll track.

    ClickBank needs desperately to post a complete set of rules, definitions as to what is "qualified" and whats not and actually notify all merchants and affiliates alike just as soon as they figure it out themselves what they're going to do and learn how to make a real announcement! Maybe thats asking too much, maybe a note on the signin page with a link to the specifics, I know they know how to do that.

    Heres an idea, how about just simply going back to exactly like it was before Sept 22, fire everyone working on the new changes and then enjoy life and prosper? The only change needed is to make a rule that there will never be any new changes!!!

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