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    January 18th, 2005
    I believe I'm actually seeing some common sense return to ClickBank! My CB Bomb search results are no longer getting trapped in ClickBanks Market Place Frame. Since I've already done away with all pages that used CB Bomb search because of that reason, it's kind of irrelevent at this point but this is a good sign.

    Since I now have to update all my pages manually, it would sure be nice if ClickBank would have a webpage on their site listing all of the newest vendors that have signed on say within the last 30 days all on one page.

    Trying to find new vendors in the marketplace is total chaos. I've suggested this to ClickBank but only time will tell.

    How about returning to the two weeks worth of stats all in one place like it used to be? That would also be a welcome return to something useful.

    Anyway, Thank You ClickBank for freeing my search results from the Marketplace frame trap.
    And Long Live the old Hop Links!!

    Nothing less than 10% comm - 30 day cookies & unlimited occurences!!!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Spoke too soon, the old hop links are not really the old hop links. They work just like the new crap. Talk about suicide! ClickBank is losing it!

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