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    Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 12:22 PM
    To: ClickBank
    Subject: tracking code

    I use frames to cloak my ID. I do not want it visible.

    When did all the variations of tracking codes appear?

    For example this code from clickbank which was cloaked to never be seen:

    #1) is now redirecting me to here where my ID is being shown

    #2) I checked the clickbank site to see if I created a new code, if it would give me the old code and it still does. Why is it being redirected?

    #3) This is the code being used by some of the sellers:

    Which redirects me here:

    Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 3:42 PM
    Subject: RE: tracking code


    The way to test any hoplink is to pass through the link and reach the payment screen. At the bottom of the page, if the link will award a commission, you will see [affiliate=idname]. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Customer Support

    On Nov 20, I redid and checked every one of my affilliate clickbank links. I went the thru checkout process on every link and at the bottom of the secure form, they were tracking and giving credit to my idname for the sales.

    "At the bottom of the page, if the link will award a commission, you will see [affiliate=idname]."

    YES it did say my idname. It was giving credit.

    Now I see that none of the links are tracking again. [affiliate=NONE]. NO credit is being given for the sales on the very same tracking code that was used on Nov 20 which was giving credit.

    This is becoming very a bad situation and it is happening repeatedy.

    Does this code change every 5 days at random and we don't know about it? It would be a wonderful idea if someone at click bank could resolve the tracking code issue that is still having significant problems.

    If it doesn't get resolved and stay resolved, I will be more than happy to remove the 50-75 click bank links from my site and sell someone elses products that pay me for my efforts.

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    I don't know about your specific linking method
    and why it would be showing affiliate=none, but
    if you open a hoplink in a frame, Clickbank
    automatically redirects it to a top window. They
    have been doing this since October 17, see their
    link here:

    Opening the site in a frame will not hide your
    nickname anymore.

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    If your cloaking software uses any javascript then you won't get credit for the sale. Theres only one cloaker that I know of that doesn't use any javascript but uses a frame which does track but once you get to the site it "breaks out" of the frame and still shows your affiliate id (with ie 6 but not ie 5.5 browsers), so whats the point of having it?

    I don't mind the affiliate id showing at the bottom of the order page but like you, I didn't want it showing in the address bar.

    ClickBank was able to remove the merchant id out of the address bar but failed to extend us the same courtesy while at the same time effectively putting all their cloaking software vendors out of business.

    When ClickBank says they allow cloaking of the links, they don't mean the address bar, they mean the clickable link on your web page. That can be cloaked since it has no effect on the landing page with your id in the address bar and if it does, then you won't get credit for the sale (except with ie 5.5 in only one case that I know of).

    All I can figure is they're trying to get tough on the spammers, in the process you can forget about the cloaking idea, it is now history so theres no need of wasting your money on any cloaking software that I know about and I've checked them out until finally just giving up!

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    Hello Peach,

    I have never tried our free URL masker with Clickbank .. but you can see if that does the same thing. It's on our main page if it helps you.

    Ray Thomas CEO
    Development Resource & Javascript Public Archive Center
    ABW Board: Category: Programming / Coding

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    I tried the url masker.

    The perl script creates this link:

    Which takes me to this link:
    Takes me to

    The url masker did not mask. It still shows my affiliate id.


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    No matter what you use, if it opens the site in
    a frame, Clickbank will redirect it so your
    nickname will always show in the URL.

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