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    The purpose of having vendors products on our website, is to look like we are offering these products thru OUR website and keep the traffic on OUR website. Not sending our traffic to someone elses website.

    Without the ability to use frames on an affiliate website there is no possibility of having any of the affiliate links found by a search engine.

    What shall we use for our links?http://hoplink.poop.affiliateid for our links? How would that help a search engine ranking for us? It doesn't. It has no description, or meta tags to be found by a search engine robot.

    Having a large newsletter with thousands of subscribers, it is no longer possible to promote the affiliates products thru the newsletter. Again, shall I put something like... buy this great book, click here: http://hoplink.poop.affiliateid

    How many people do you really think would click on that link? None. Newsletter subscribers, are subscribing to hear about OUR website and OUR products. Not subscribing to see our affiliate is numbers!

    Thousands would click on a link like this: Learn amazing blah, blanh, click here: http://yourwebsite/framename.html

    The fact that we can no longer hide our affiliate id puts us a even greater security risk of loosing commission. What prevents any one from changing the affilaite id shown in the address bar, to their own affiliate id? Nothing.

    As affiliates we are doing the work of promoting OUR websites and affilate products. OUR work and OUR efforts are what is selling the vendors products for them.

    Without the affilates, vendors products don't sell. The tracking code changes implemented by Clickbank, shot the affiliates in the head.

    With all the concern about the vendors, it seems that Clickbank could care less about the affiliates.

    Did Clickbank stop to realize how many affiliates would stop promoting vendors products without the ability to use fames and hide our affiliate id?

    I don't believe I am the only affiliate so very upset about this. I do think that affiliates opinons should be heard by Clickbank and taken into considerations. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening.

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    Personally, I don't think masking affiliate links is as important as you seem to think. I just use the standard hoplink and am doing just fine.

    Most internet users are sophisticated enough to realize they are buying from a different web site anyway. Even if you do fool them temporarily, they'll still find out when the sale is delivered.

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    So. Stop using clickb*nk.

    Also, here's a revelation; merchants want to own the customer, they don't want you to own them.

    Sounds like it's decision time.


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    Hey Peach,

    Interesting post. What about running HTML newsletters and camouflaging your links with a mouse over code?

    Just a thought if you are that against seeing the normal aff url.

    Good luck,

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    Do the same thing they're doing and make a redirector.. Simple solution..

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