If ClickBank had

1) A more competitive fee structure
2) Users bank statements showing a purchase from my site rather than clickbank
3) Downloadable stats
4) Fewer reversed credit card transactions.

I would use then more and save myself the cost of a separate affiliate program.

At the moment I use PayPal as my 1st choice and clickbank for the countries PayPal doesn't recognise.

Costs and fees on a $24 purchase from my site.

PayPal $1.07
ClickBank $2.80

Accounting Fee for withdrawal
PayPal $nil
ClickBank $2.50

Transaction method
PayPal - Direct transfer to my bank account
ClickBank - Check

PayPal - Nil
ClickBank 10%

Reversals (1 year)
PayPal Nil
ClickBank At least 5 on lower volume but I can't download my stats to check!

I have about 2400 transactions a year so the total cost if I transferred all transactions to ClickBank would be $4,152 ($2.8 - $1.07 x 2400).

I want to use clickbank but the costs are too far out to justify.

'I am not young enough to know everything.'
- Oscar Wilde