How is this possible????

If someone purchases a digital downloadable ebook in October 22003, how in the world do you give them credit for that sale in January 2004?

Most all of the digital ebooks online are money back guarantee for ONLY 30 days. I have no doubt in 4 months time the ebook has not only been read, used, printed but also stored to disk by then. How easy for me to buy something thru Clickbank, do what I choose with it, wait 4-5 months and get my money back.

ClickBank Debits Report for "peach"
Period End Date: 2004-01-01


sale date order# amount notes
========== ======== ======== =======
2003-10-24 XF81xxxx $27.35 refunded sale
2003-10-24 X273xxxx $10.33 refunded sale
========== ======== ======== =======
TOTAL: $37.68

pay period credits debits
========== ==========
2004-01-01 $27.63 $37.68