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    Hi all,

    I heard that affiliates are a great addition to have on your online buiness, and I have clickbank process my orders.


    What does your conversion ratio have to be in order to recruit super affiliates?

    And I mean affiliates who have large lists, primarily use affiliates to make money, and do business legally. You know, no spam.

    Because my sales letter varies, one month I get 7%, and others I get 14% conversion. It averages out to about 11%.

    I figure a 50% commission is fair, other marketers tell me that it should be lower, and my upsell product sells for $79 which most people buy -- about 75% do anyway.

    Is that enough to have to attract good affiliates to make money together?

    The only problem I'm having is, how in the world do you recruit affiliates?

    Thanks for your replies,
    Nathan Blaszak

    Nathan Blaszak is the author of “How to Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught; Secrets of Covert Hypnosis,” and the director of Apply Hypnosis Center, which specializes in teaching salesman, teachers, public speakers, parents, or seducers of any genre, how to transition to the lucrative covert hypnosis ability where supreme influence is within easy reach. Click here for details:

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    Where's your home office ....HAITI or Nigeria?

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    For your target market, the best way for you to recruit affiliates is to create them.

    Approach the owners of sites that treat of the subject you deal with (hypnotism) and make them an offer to sell your "thing" on their site for a commission.

    "It be's dat way sumtimes." ~ Coco B. Ware

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