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    Did you know they want you to sell products from 4 different companies before they will issue you a cheque even if you have reached the minimums.

    I go slow promoting places I am unsure on, so I did a bit but not much with them.
    I made it over the minimum, noticed they kept deducting a dollar a month (did you know about that too?)and I never saw my cheque
    After two tries to get an answer this is what they come back with to me.

    I won't say what I really think they are doing, but the tactics are certainly questionable, with nothing clearly stating as such in the TOS.
    So if you are considering doing anything with them, better be aware of what they do first.

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    They deducted a dollar a month from me, but they finally stopped. I think that was because my account was finally empty.
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    They finally removed a requirement that was in the TOS that your sales had to come from 3 different geographic areas as well.... They owed me over $100 for a year and one day they finally sent me a check. I haven't even logged in to see if they owe me any money. It seems like a waste of time.
    Deborah Carney

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