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    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know why clickbank does not have proper stats in its report page? I have never been on an affiliate program that does not have basic stats such as the number of times a link has been clicked on.

    This is making me paranoid so I am looking for reasurance that clickbank is good to work with. I was wondering if they use cookies and how long is its duration? Also, how do you know how many times your clickbank links were clicked on? Do they pay on time and do you totally trust them? Can you tell me anything else I might need to know about them please?

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    Because Click bank program is run like a mickey mouse outfit
    If you want to get paid you have to make sales from so many merchant
    Their TOS are vague on this
    Even if you ask to close your account and are over the minimum they still find ways not to pay
    Find other programs, many better ones exist

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    Well I don't agree. I've been a ClickBank affiliate for years and they have never missed a payment, twice a month like clockwork.

    If you need to track clicks you can always run them through a tracking script and then redirect.

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    Yeah their stats suck but they do always pay.. never had a problem with them other than them paying too soon when I asked them to hold checks until they reached $1000 - never seems to get beyond something like $700 before they ship a check out to me.. ahh well.. can't complain too much about that I suppose!

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