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    Ive come across sites that use clickbank, when I click on the link to there site it says hop= so this means that someone is using there affiliate.....

    Anyway, I want to become a affiliate for this site, it has no information on becoming a affiliate, but when I clicked on the link it hyad a hop=id meaning someone is using there affiliate programe....

    Is it possible to type in this link

    If they are using clickbank then you must be getting commision, or else they wouldnt be using click bank? right?

    I'm asking you instead of these people who are selling there stuff because they never get back to you!!

    Please help

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    Dont take that chance. Are you signed up with CB? Thats the first step.

    Scroll down the page and see if they have an affiliate or webmaster link somewhere to click on.
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    Don't forget that the commission rate is set by the merchant - it could be zero if they don't want affilites! Best to ask first.

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    Not only can they set the commissions to 0 permanently but supposedly they can go in any time, switch them to 0 for a few hours then switch them back and the changes don't show up in the marketplace where it tells you what commission your supposeded to be getting until they update it which is not but once every week to 10 days.

    Not only that but some merchants run software that can supposedly turn off your commissions if your not signed up with their particular in house affiliate program. Just being signed up with Clickbank is not enough. Problem here is, you may never even see a link to their private affiliate program. Some are by invitation only yet they're still listed in the marketplace with a big "earn 50%" commission tag by their links!

    The whole setup is a wild west show, just be very careful what merchants you decide to promote. You can check all this out on the clickbanksuccess forum. Some mind blowing stuff over there.

    You may want to look for stuff like:

    Does the merchant accept paypal? if he does, you'll probably never see any commissions on the traffic you send that purchases with it.

    Are there any popups? Some popups have auto setting cookies that overwrite yours, some of those popups are invisible so you have to watch real close when the page loads, it'll be just a quick flicker of a little square box in the top left corner of your screen, those are almost assuredly cookie setting in nature.

    Free trial downloads, you will probably never see any commissions on traffic that later purchases from within the free download.

    1-800 order numbers?

    Got their own in house affiliate program and still using clickbank? This may not be good, see above.

    After checking all that out, you still don't know if that merchant makes trips to his admin window at clickbank and sets commissions to zero just for an hour or so of good times and your money.

    And you still don't know if he's running software that you may not know about that turns commissions on and off with a checkbox!

    If this still sounds like a network you want to do business with, then go for it, there are thousands of merchants over there ready to accept any traffic you can send them.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Roadkill must not want to get back in that stew. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Your right Mike, I'm still trying to get loose from it, got so many links scattered around no telling how long I'll be getting them all zapped, have several sites with almost nothing but clickbank vendors and I'd rather convert em than pull the plug on em. At least the malls and search boxes are all history.

    There are a handfull of merchants that I do still have some faith in and those I'll keep for the sidebars on related type pages but all the rest can take their scumy little green weenies and poke em some other direction.

    I thought I had it figured out a year or so ago by crunching numbers but after hanging around this site for a year and learning things I never heard of before I've come to the conclusion that ethics is worth more than good looking numbers even if it cost you, which it does. As far as I'm concerned the war is on and while everybody has their price I guess, I haven't made enough yet to find out what my price is. I've signed on with a lot of merchants but theres not one I wouldn't dump in a heartbeat once I'm convinced they're dipping, flipping or clipping my coins!

    A network that just turns the merchants loose to get away with anything they want to is a very scary thing. Clickbanks not the only one thats worrying me either, they're just the only one thats actually admitted that they do it.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Sign up to be a affiliate first! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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